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Premier Modern Architecture Firm in Los Angeles

Eschewing the simple geometrical uniformity of modern architecture, Dean Larkin’s modern architecture firm in Los Angeles strives for a multi-layered complexity that is both effortless and elegant. Dean’s background in traditional architecture, which requires historical accuracy and getting the detail precisely right, gives him an edge over his peers and affects his overall approach.

His work distinguishes itself as a fusion of mid-century modern and out-of-the-box aesthetics; a look that has made Dean Larkin Design one of the leading high-profile architectural firms in Twenty-First Century Los Angeles.

Dean Larkin, AIA, established Dean Larkin Design in Los Angeles in 1999. His goal was to create a modern architecture firm that maximizes the intrinsic potential of its location while meeting each client’s specific lifestyle, business or institutional needs. His range and variety of projects are diverse with a focus on spectacular private residences in California’s best and most affluent neighborhoods quintessential, luxury indoor/outdoor contemporary architect.

A born and raised Angelino, Dean has spent over two decades designing both residential and commercial real estate focused on the Southern California lifestyle.

“Great architecture does more than just work – it transcends itself, its occupants, and its environment.” – Dean Larkin

Infinity pool outside patio of a beautiful home with an amazing view of the city at night | modern architecture firm in Los Angeles | Dean Larkin Design

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