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Contemporary Architecture Design

One of Dean Larkin’s essential tenets is that every contemporary residential design project is a nexus between two forces: the site and the client. As a modern residential architect, Dean’s designs embrace the client’s chosen location and unlocks its innate potential to inform and enhance the home’s architecture. Dean orients clients’ rooms to maximize sunlight, frame the best views, and create a strong flow between the home’s indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a vibrant environment designed for the way the client lives.

Dean Larkin’s homes are meant to be comfortably inhabited on a daily basis. The client’s needs and lifestyle shape their floor plan. Many seek a great room open to the kitchen with an adjacent patio for casual gatherings of friends and family. Others require a more formal room arrangement for business entertaining. No two Dean Larkin homes are identical; each work is as unique as its homeowner. To Dean, “custom” means that every single project is precisely customized to that client’s property and preference. “

Sustainable Residential Design

Dean Larkin Design has recently expanded its portfolio into sustainable design. While some of its clients have been leary of green practices, Dean believes in incorporating green elements into contemporary residential design through energy conservation, including using daylight as an alternative to electric energy.

“There’s nothing more energy-efficient that we can do than create a house where you don’t have to turn on a light during the day. That’s one of those things we bring to the table and sets us apart from other architects,” Larkin has commented. His residential designs focus on the use of natural light through extensive glass and invisible surfaces, again playing up his indoor/outdoor aesthetic.

Taking a positive and innovative approach to residential design, Dean Larkin looks toward the future, striving to create spaces that are livable, luxurious, and cutting-edge.