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micky's bar in West Hollywood, design by Dean Larkin Design architect in West Hollywood CA

Luxury Architect in West Hollywood CA

The right architectural design is a statement of personal style, an assertion of individuality, and a testament to your success. As a discerning homeowner or builder, you understand the pivotal role of an architect in transforming your vision into reality. The team at Dean Larkin Design is dedicated to creating masterpieces that resonate with your lifestyle, exuding elegance, comfort, and innovation.

Nestled between Beverly Hills and Hollywood, West Hollywood, CA, is a vibrant community where luxury meets culture. Home to upscale boutiques, iconic landmarks like the Sunset Strip, beloved establishments like Micky’s Bar (above, renovated by Dean Larkin Design) and a thriving arts scene, West Hollywood is a coveted real estate hub. Historic architecture coexists seamlessly with modern design, reflecting the diverse and forward-thinking nature of its residents. The demand for quality, unique residential architecture in West Hollywood is significant, and Dean Larkin Design is ready to meet that need.

Architectural Design in West Hollywood, CA

West Hollywood, California, often called WeHo, is a city celebrated for its distinctive and diverse architectural landscape, particularly in residential design. The architectural landscape is characterized by a blend of historic and contemporary styles, with a focus on innovative and sustainable designs. The area features a blend of historic and contemporary homes that reflect the city’s dynamic cultural fabric.

A significant highlight of West Hollywood’s residential architecture is the presence of iconic Mid-Century Modern homes, a style that flourished in Southern California during the mid-20th century. These homes are known for their clean lines, glass, and seamless indoor-outdoor living spaces. They are models of a design philosophy that emphasizes simplicity and harmony with nature. Notable architects who contributed to this style in West Hollywood include Rudolph Schindler, whose Schindler House (also known as the Schindler Chace House or Kings Road House), was built in 1922 and is a pioneering example of modern residential architecture. This home, designed as a cooperative living space for two families, rejected traditional compartmentalized layouts; there were no bedrooms, living room, or dining room.

Additionally, West Hollywood is home to various Spanish Colonial Revival homes, a style that gained popularity in California during the early 20th century. These residences are characterized by their stucco walls, red tile roofs, and ornate detailing, reflecting the historical influence of Spanish architecture.

The city also showcases a range of contemporary homes where new-age architects have embraced innovative designs and sustainable building practices. These modern homes often feature cutting-edge technology, eco-friendly materials, and unique aesthetic elements.

West Hollywood’s architectural diversity extends beyond these styles, encompassing an array of designs that cater to tastes and lifestyles of its residents. From charming bungalows to luxurious modern villas, the residential architecture of West Hollywood is a vivid expression of the city’s and the broader Los Angeles area’s rich cultural and historical tapestry.

Features of  Our Architectural Designs

At Dean Larkin Design, we create environments that transcend the ordinary. Our approach combines art and science, style and function, to build living spaces that truly reflect who you are. The elements of Dean Larkin Design services transform your space into a personal sanctuary:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Contemporary Architecture: Harmoniously uniting interior and exterior spaces to create a seamless, holistic retreat.
  • Maximizing the Intrinsic Potential of the Setting: Utilizing the surrounding environment and available resources to accentuate your home’s inherent beauty.
  • Multi-layered Complexity with Effortless Elegance: Intertwining function and refinement to achieve a profound, yet understated sophistication.

Service Locations in the Los Angeles, California Area

Though we are based in West Hollywood, CA, Dean Larkin Design works with residential projects in areas across the country. Some of our local service areas include

Bel Air, CA
Beverly Hills, CA
Brentwood, CA
Burbank, CA
Culver City, CA
Echo Park, CA
Hollywood Hills, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Malibu, CA
Marina Del Ray, CA
North Hollywood, CA
Pacific Palisades, CA
Santa Barbara, CA
Santa Monica, CA
Sherman Oaks, CA
Venice, CA
West Hollywood, CA

Realize Your Vision With Dean Larkin Design Luxury Architects in West Hollywood, CA

Your home is more than just a place; it’s an experience, a testament to your style and achievements, and a space that should inspire you every day. Partner with Dean Larkin Design and immerse yourself in the luxurious lifestyle you deserve, as we mold your dream home into an exquisite reality.