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Classic Architecture

As one of the first employees of Landry Design Group, Dean Larkin’s background in classic design and architecture is extensive. From Italian to English, Spanish to Neo-classical Larkin has done it all.

Larkin kids, “If you cut me open, I’m an architect all the way through,” and his love of architecturally significant classical design is reflected in the select projects he takes on. Such as the restoration of a Paul William designed home in Bel Air.  The project on Nimes Rd, known as Lionsgate, was a Mediterranean when Larkin was brought on.  However, with careful research the original Paul Williams design was uncovered and expanded upon. To see a before and after of the Nimes Road home, read our article about the project, which was one of our favorites. 

Keeping true to the tenets of classical design is not an absolute. Larkin’s homes are bright with daylight and have an emphasis on outdoor living that features prominently in his contemporary projects.

“I am an architects’ architect,” Larkin quips, “I love good architecture no matter what period or time it is from.”

It is these architectural rules that are still applied today in a variety of forms and to a range of structures. From the United States Capitol to your local pizza parlor elements of Classical Architecture abound. The incorporation of Classical Architectural elements into a contemporary residential design can be successfully accomplished when the architect is both knowledgeable and skillful in their use and execution.

Should a client desire a home that references these elements, Dean Larkin Design has both the knowledge, the skill, and the experience to merge the Classical with contemporary design and convenience.

Nimes is representative of Classical architectural design in Southern California.
Rear of Nimes is classical architectural design in Southern California.
Beautiful sweeping staircase an example of classical architectural design
classical architectural design at Shaninhan
Shahinian classical architectural design in Southern California.

Classical architectural principles are often blended with modern design to create unique and harmonious structures. This fusion is seen in projects where classical features like columns, pediments, and symmetrical layouts are integrated with modern materials, minimalist aesthetics, and contemporary functionality. A notable example is the British Museum in London, where the classical portico and columns of the original structure are seamlessly integrated with the modern Great Court and its glass and steel roof. Similarly, the U.S. Supreme Court Building in Washington, D.C., combines classical Roman architectural elements with a modern approach to space and functionality. These examples demonstrate how classical design elements can be adapted to modern needs, creating timeless and elegant architecture. The same principles can be used for residences  with classical design features. 

Classical Architectural Design in Southern California

Dean Larkin Design is proud to showcase the timeless beauty of classical architectural design in Southern California. With a deep appreciation for the region’s rich architectural history, we seamlessly blend classical elements with modern sensibilities to create exquisite and harmonious spaces. Drawing inspiration from iconic styles such as Spanish Colonial, Mediterranean, and Mission Revival, our designs pay homage to the region’s cultural heritage while embracing contemporary living. From grand entrances adorned with ornate columns and arches to meticulously crafted facades featuring intricate detailing, our classical designs exude elegance and sophistication. With a focus on proportion, balance, and symmetry, our team at Dean Larkin Design meticulously crafts every aspect of a project, ensuring that each space evokes a sense of timelessness and refinement. Whether it’s a luxurious estate, a boutique hotel, or a custom residence, our classical architectural designs enhance the beauty of Southern California and create enduring spaces that stand the test of time.