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Dean Larkin Architect


Architect and Principal
Dean Larkin Design

Dean Larkin, AIA has been described as the quintessential Los Angeles based state of the art luxury indoor/outdoor contemporary architect. A native of Los Angeles, Dean says that Architecture chose him in the sense that it’s both a passion and a career. His range and variety of projects are diverse with a focus on spectacular private residences in California’s best and most affluent neighborhoods; striving for projects that evoke the unique climate, attitude and lifestyle of Southern California.

Since graduating from the University of Southern California’s respected School of Architecture, Dean had the honor of being the first employee of Richard Landry, founder of Landry Design Group. Working there he designed many high-end residential and luxury destination projects all over the world. During his tenure, Architectural Digest featured many of the homes prepared under his careful preparation including the Hunts point residence of Kenny G.

Leveraging his experience and countless referrals, he established his own firm, Dean Larkin Design, in 1999 to better focus truly unique and individual projects that reflect their sense of place, time and occupants. DLD focuses on maximizing the intrinsic potential of the setting while meeting the client’s lifestyle, business or institutional needs. Dean eschews the simple geometrical uniformity of modern architecture and strives for a multi-layered complexity that is both effortless and elegant. His background in Traditional Architecture that required historical accuracy and getting the detail precisely right gives him an edge over his peers and affects his overall approach.

Micky's Bar was redesigned by Dean Larkin Design in 2007
Micky's outdoor bar | Dean Larkin Design
Dean Larkin Design
Dean Larkin Design

“Great architecture,” notes Dean, “does more than just work… It transcends itself, its occupants and its environment.”

Dean Larkin grew up appreciating Southern California’s unique climate and natural beauty. Dean’s projects celebrate the balance between shadow and light, form and function, monument and nature; his designs emphasize light, movement, location, and beauty – with a definite So Cal twist. Knowing that sometimes the best room of the house is outside, Dean’s office brings the best out of every property.