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616 NIMES Road Project – Lionsgate

The home at 616 Nimes Road in Los Angeles, California is one of Dean Larkin’s personal favorite renovations as an architect, even though the vibe is outside of the contemporary that he often works with. The estate had been owned by Kenny Rogers since the 1970’s, who renamed the property Lionsgate after adding two lion statues at the main gate.

In 2010, Dean Larkin was part of the property renovation that enlarged the home to 24,000 square feet, from an already impressive 9,359 square feet.

Dean notes, “The owners, who were friends of Kenny Rogers, bought the home as a Mediterranean style home and began renovation. During the process, they learned that the home was an original Paul Williams and decided, ‘we need to put this back.’ They then proceeded with the addition to the home, but without changing the Williams spirit.”

616 Nimes Road Front Gate with Two Lion Statues

616 Nimes Road Original Design by Paul Williams

Architect Paul Williams was a trailblazer. He created in the neighborhood of 2,500 buildings from the time he began designing homes in the 1920’s until his death in 1980. He designed the homes of Lucille Ball and Frank Sinatra, as well as many other homes (celebrity and otherwise), in LA and around the world. A factor that made Paul Williams’ impressive career even more remarkable was that he was an African American at a time when the field of architecture had few black role models. When he began his career, that fact alone made him stand out. Williams became known as “Hollywood’s architect, and was the first black member of the American Institute of Architects.

616 Nimes Road Design Elements

When looking at a home as impressive as the 616 Nimes Road Lionsgate project, you might think little details would be lost, but Dean Larkin remembers designing the front doorknob for the home. Plenty of large scale changes were made however. According to luxury realtor Mia Trudeau, the remodeled home has 11 bedrooms, 17 baths, 3 living rooms and 7 fireplaces. In addition, plenty of luxury features have been incorporated: a home theater with 12 seats, tennis courts, fountains, pool and hot tub, multiple steam showers, a sauna, and much more. Incredible views are icing on the cake of this architectural wonder.

616 Nimes Road Entryway Before Renovation in 2014 | Dean Larkin Design

616 Nimes Road Entry Before Renovation

616 Nimes Road Entryway After Renovation in 2014 | Dean Larkin Design

616 Nimes Road Entry After Renovation

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