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Dean Larkin Design Top Design Innovations at KBIS 2023

Dean Larkin and his team recently visited KBIS, the 2023 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show® (KBIS), which was held in Las Vegas. Dean attended and participated in the “Hard Hat Media Tour,” allowing him early access to the trade show and its highlights. He had a first-hand opportunity to see and touch new and innovative products and design solutions. Today Dean discusses what he considered his favorite or most intriguing design innovations at KBIS.

Below are my top picks from the design innovations at KBIS this year, and some thoughts on why they were so amazing.

Bertazzoni black 48 inch induction range | Top Design Innovations | Dean Larkin Design

48-Inch Range

Many were saying that 2023 at KBIS was the “Year of the 48” because it seemed like everyone was debuting a 48” range. The 48” is significant because it is the nice, large Pro range. Currently there aren’t too many induction choices for the 48” range, so it was nice to see so many companies introducing these models. The Bertazzoni Pro Range Induction was my favorite because I love the styling. Something about the Italians…they can detail!
Architects who design these opulent, luxurious homes take advantage of the environment to maximize outdoor living and the home’s expansive views. One such neighborhood is the Bird Streets.


I loved this one! Dometic debuted a wine drawer that included everything you need for wine. This compact drawer that functions just like a full-size wine cooler, the Drawbar, can fit in the same space as a standard 24” wide drawer. The Drawbar holds 5 wine bottles and is perfect for people in smaller homes or who just can’t install giant wine refrigerators.

Wine Drawer Closed | Top Design Innovations | Dean Larkin Design
Wine Drawer Open| Top Design Innovations | Dean Larkin Design
In Sink Composter | Top Design Innovations | Dean Larkin Design

Composting Garbage Disposal

This innovation by Sepura would replace the typical garbage disposal and uses the same connections under the sink. The unit does double duty, separating liquids from solids and composting the solids with a built-in composting bin. This works well because with no liquid, there is no smell. The unit keeps all the odor in the bin and also utilizes a filter. This innovation won a Kickstarter award at the show.

48” Flush Range Top

SMEG, an Italian manufacturer introduced a completely flush range top, so it’s not raised at all. I love this because my pet peeve is that they normally poke out, and I always worry that I will nick the edges. SMEG has a whole line of retro-look appliances that we love, like a pink 50s fridge. They also have a great line of very contemporary products.

SMEG flush induction range | Top Design Innovations | Dean Larkin Design
Shoe Refresher | Top Design Innovations | Dean Larkin Design

Shoe Styler by LG Shoe Refreshing System

This delightful pink revolving shoe stand is so stylish. LG uses special steam technology, temperature/humidity control, and a UV outer layer to dry, deodorize and protect shoes. The normal cycle only takes 37 minutes and is really quiet.

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