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Design Trends in California Architecture Projects

Trends come and go and California has always been a trendsetter, in architecture and interior design. As architectural designers we see all of the changes in style and taste. Today we will explore what we are seeing for 2022 design trends in California architecture projects.

5 Design Trends in California

If you have been thinking about having your California home remodeled, or designing a new one, these trends could really inspire you.

White, White, White

We have seen a huge return to white interiors. White with white trim is so common now we have two standard Benjamin Moore colors as a result: Cloud White walls with Simply White trim.

Dean commented, “We did a tour of other architects’ projects recently and I can’t tell you how much white on white we found. Even traditional white. And that’s what they are doing the architecture in now.”


This sounds like a contradiction to what we just said, but we have also seen a huge resurgence back to color. The color could be on walls, but we are seeing it more in furnishings, as a pop. This trend is opposed to doing everything in neutrals like we saw a few years back.

Dean noted, “In projects, like our Latimer project, you’d see all the interiors were these peaceful shades of mushrooms, grays, creams, and hints of gold and black. Nope, not anymore. We’re just seeing a huge return back to color. And people are expressing it in the furnishings and the accessories. Not so much in the paint and architecture.

bedroom with pendant lights over night stands | River Lane Project | Design Trends in California Architecture Projects | Dean Larkin Design
white on white | Living room with White walls and white accents | Design Trends in California Architecture Projects | Dean Larkin Design


Combined with the return to color, we are seeing a big return to wallpaper, and bold wallpaper at that. At Dean Larkin Design we love a company called Walnut. They have beautiful custom-made abstract patterns for your wall that are like art. They custom make them for your wall and they are not too expensive.

Dean commented, “This is not like normal wallpaper you’ve seen. It’s not your traditional stripes. It’s very abstract, very textural, very contemporary.
The impact they make is amazing for a bed wall or accent wall. They are very unusual because wallpaper has a pattern and these don’t. We did a project where the powder room wall that you face when you come in was done in wallpaper because of course nobody shuts their doors and it was a tiny powder room, but a really pretty powder room, and we wanted people to come see it. So we did one of their wallpapers in these shades of blue. It just makes a huge impact because what is not in style right now is accent walls, and these are sort of taking their place.

powder room with mural in shades of blue and gray with bowl sink | River Lane Project | Dean Larkin Design


We are using headboards as part of the architecture, designed into the wall, or you might say that the wall becomes the headboard.

Dean elaborated on the subject. “We are embedding headboards into the architecture, even to the point that sometimes they also become the ceiling design. So we are really elevating the presence of the bed In the room and really anchoring it, not only as a piece of furniture but as part of the architecture.


Another trend we are seeing is replacing table lamps on nightstands with pendants that hang from the ceiling. Homeowners are thrilled to have the clutter removed from the nightstands and Dean doesn’t see this trend going away.

He notes, “Back in the day they were hardwired into the switch so when you walked into your bedroom, you flipped the switch and the bed lamps would come on. This is the modern version of that.

With so many different individual styles and tastes, these are just a few of the design trends we have been seeing. Catch our next article where we will explore kitchen and bath design trends in California architecture projects.

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