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Diving Into Light-Filled Modern Architectural Design

The way in which light is incorporated into architectural design can generate a different ambiance, create a sense of comfort, and even evoke emotion. Light is a critical component of any architectural design, giving depth to the space, adding a sparkle of color and a feeling of warmth in the interior design. Light-filled modern architectural design draws on this concept, allowing more natural light to flood the space, illuminating the contemporary interior.

Dean Larkin has become renowned for his contemporary approach to architectural design, establishing himself as one of the leading architects in Southern California. Including elements of light, Dean Larkin has created some truly magnificent and inspired creations.

Blue Jay - contemporary home in So Cal - Light-filled modern architectural design


Light-filled modern architectural design in the Bluejay project


Light-filled modern architectural design in the Colachis Project


Bluejay Residence

One of the primary goals of the Bluejay Residence project was to create an indoor-outdoor flow in the home. Incorporating light-filled modern architectural design aspects, Dean Larkin created a layout that truly allowed the outside in. The living area meets the exterior through a sliding wall of glass that leads directly into a dramatically positioned knife-edge swimming pool. The master bedroom, master bathroom, and the sitting room all feature floor-to-ceiling glass, adding to the light-filled modern architectural design concept, allowing more light in, and permitting the owner to enjoy the site’s staggering views unhindered.

Macapa Residence

The Macapa Residence Project required Dean Larkin to gut the original structure completely to increase the floor space and redesign the property to allow easy enjoyment of the 270-degree views from the spectacular location. The house was nicknamed the ‘Flying Wing” by original architect Harry Gesner, and Dean Larkin built on the wing concept of the structure, removing the walls, to allow every room to open up to jaw-dropping vistas of the surrounding area. Adding a new dimension to the property and bringing this reimagined design to life, these design features allowed more light to flood the newly renovated interior.

Colachis Residence

Blending seamlessly into the surrounding wooded hillside, one of this residence’s distinguishing features is its two-bridge concept. Meeting in a glass-topped entryway and spanning the formal and casual living areas, the light-filled modern architectural design concept is alive in this Dean Larkin project. Bringing the outside in, this entryway affords magnificent panoramic views of the surrounding area. Embracing light-filled modern architectural design practices in the unique entryway to this home showcases Dean Larkin’s commitment to creating contemporary designs that fit seamlessly into their surroundings and embrace the natural beauty around the property.

Get In Touch With Dean Larkin To Bring Your Light-Filled Modern Architectural Design Ideas To Life

A modern architectural firm established in Los Angeles in 1999, Dean Larkin Design has continued to evolve and embrace the most up-to-date contemporary design concepts and styles. Dean Larkin examines each site carefully to unveil its true potential and create a light-filled modern architectural design that will allow the newly-designed property to shine. Enhancing the home’s architecture to create a seamless flow between the interior and exterior, allowing as much natural light into the space as possible and ensuring the best views are always on display, Dean Larkin will bring modern architectural design ideas to life. Contact Dean Larkin today to schedule your consultation.