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Faith Project Spring Solstice Celebration

Spring is a time to celebrate anywhere, but especially at the site of the Yucca Valley Faith Project. The home’s inspiration is the Yucca moth, which emerges from its cocoon in the spring. This year, with the project’s connection to spring, we wanted to immortalize the solstice, so we held an event to do just that. With construction underway at the project site, we celebrated the Equinox (on March 20, the first day of spring) at the site with the owners and select friends. We have a round skylight in the foyer and during the celebration, and we were unsure exactly how we would capture the moment, but we caught the light in a perfect circle right at the entrance to the home for our Faith Project Spring Solstice celebration. It was pretty amazing.

Faith Project Construction Update

As you can see below, a lot has been happening since we first mentioned the project, and we are really happy with the progress. Below you can see the images of the entryway from both directions and the celebration that was laid out for the Equinox event.

walkway into faith project | Dean Larkin Design
table set with food for equinox celebration at faith project | Dean Larkin Design
walkway from faith project | Dean Larkin Design

Seeing how the design is coming to life was a real treat. The circular windows, which represent the Yucca moth’s eggs, are dramatic and unique, exactly as planned and shown in the rendering (below left).

Faith Project rendering of one side of the house with the garage | Faith project spring solstice celebration Dean Larkin Design
Actual image of one side of the house with the garage | Faith project spring solstice celebration Dean Larkin Design

The Faith Project spring solstice celebration in the Yucca Valley was fun for us, and we love seeing light play such a big role in this home’s design. We think that the light and views, the importance of which is so ingrained in our firm’s DNA, will have a big impact on anyone who visits the home. Over the next months, we will keep you up to date on the progress and we are all excited to see the end result!

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