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Kitchen And Bath Design Trends in California Architecture Projects

With all of our discussions about design trends, we have to include what is often the most important room in the home. So today we will discuss kitchen and bath design trends for California architecture projects.

Kitchen Design Trends

The kitchen is so often the hub of the home, where cooking, eating and entertaining take place. And we have seen a lot of new trends recently.

White on White

We talked about white on white in a previous blog, and this trend is still going strong in kitchens too, but often with color accents. In fact, Dean Larkin’s own new kitchen is white on white-except for the island. The countertops are white, and so are the cabinets that are attached to the wall. But Dean created a pop of color with the island. The island’s top is deep ocean blue, with a natural stone countertop. He relates, “I found this gray stone with subtle cobalt and even turquoise hints in them, and it matched my dishes, which I love! I couldn’t believe I found it.”

Lever Door Handles

Century Project Kitchen Area | Kitchen and Bath Design Trends in California Architecture Projects - Contemporary Residential Architecture in Los Angeles | Dean Larkin Design

Lever door handles are popular in part because they are ADA-friendly. For those who are concerned about aging in place, lever door handles are more manageable than traditional doorknobs. Another option that is growing in popularity is push handles. A company called Blum is the gold standard for push technology, which allows users to simply push on the cabinets to open them. No handles are needed at all for this type of kitchen tech.


For kitchen cabinets today, people are using a mix of things. We no longer all wood, or all white. Many are still doing wood, still doing white, or even gray, but then choosing to pull a color into the mix, like with the island.

Or they are doing things the other way around: having a natural wood island and putting color on the wall cabinets. We feel this is a result of how large kitchens were getting. People started wanting to visually break them up more.

Electrical Strips

These days, we no longer put outlets in the backsplash of the kitchen. The new trend is to install electrical strips under cabinets. This removes the visual clutter of the backsplash and still provides a way to have lights and electrical plugs for appliances.


Backsplashes themselves have changed too. For a while everyone was getting very busy backsplashes, often with multi tones, or beige but with patterns and texture and color on them. Now they are less busy. We might use the same material as the countertop for example. We might have a natural stone countertop and run it all the way up to the cabinets, or even to the ceiling, depending on the space. For example, we might take the material to the ceiling, and then add the hood so that everything flows.

Bathroom Design Trends

White Backsplash in White kitchen - kitchen and bath design trends in CA architecture projects - Dean Larkin Design

Kitchens may be the hub of the home, but we spend a lot of time in our bathrooms too, so we have a couple of bathroom trends to highlight.


Toilets are not just toilets anymore. Multi-functioning toilets, or in some remodels multi functioning seats with bidet functions built into toilet are becoming standard in projects. A lot of them have ultraviolet lights for sanitizing, heated seats, dryers, male and female wash options with nice warm water for which you can program the temperature. Some will recognize if you are a male or female by how you approach it and raise or lower seat accordingly.

Another trend in toilets is wall-hung toilets, because they which don’t touch the floor. Many people like this trend because the area around toilets is just unpleasant, so they do away with the mess.

The advances in toilet technology have necessitated another change in bathrooms: electrical outlets next to the toilets! This feature is a requirement for these electrically-run improved toilets. This is also something to consider when remodeling: adding an outlet allows a future toilet upgrade.

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These kitchen and bath design trends are just a few of the design options homeowners can choose to implement in a new home or home remodel, and we can help you decide what features you need in the home of your dreams. Dean Larkin Design was established in Los Angeles in 1999 and this modern architecture firm maximizes the intrinsic potential of a location, including its available natural light sources. Dean Larkin is very familiar with both historical and contemporary design in the entire Los Angeles area, and the firm endeavors to achieve a complexity that is multi-layered with an effortless elegance. For a design that is modern and innovative, unlocks your location’s innate potential by making specific use of light, views and more, and uniquely designed for the way you live, contact Dean Larkin for a consultation.