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Kitchen Surfacing Trends

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Jamie Gold has done it again with an insightful projection of kitchen surfacing trends drawing on architects and home centers across the country. She examines trends for floors, walls, countertops, cabinets and more. Kitchen surfacing trends reflect the taste of the clients but are influenced by new materials and collective events such as the pandemic. People are investing heavily since COVID which is good news for every trend and trend-setter.

Personal Taste Key to Surfacing Trends

Natural elements, warm tones, and pops of color are strong influences with regard to surface finishes, as homeowners look to personalize and update their living spaces.

What’s trending in kitchen and bathroom surfacing this season – and why? What makes one material or finish surge? What makes one fade? Looking beyond the spaces themselves, how much, if anything, do design trends owe to news events versus industry preferences and proclamations?

Let’s look at the surfaces that will potentially dominate the year with these industry pros across the country:

  • Los Angeles area architect Dean Larkin;
  • Tampa area cabinet dealer and designer Doug Amoroso;
  • Houston area interior designer Veronica Solomon;
  • Washington, DC area Home Depot Design Center design supervisor Claire Matthews;
  • Houzz senior associate editor Erin Carlyle.

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