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Faith Yucca Notes

This brand new, just over 2,000 square foot Yucca Valley home will be a haven for couples or families wishing to enjoy the desert views and sights of the Yucca Valley. With a unique shape that is influenced by the need to protect the nearby Joshua trees, the home includes two wings. The design was inspired by the Yucca moth, a local variety that has a symbiotic relationship with the native Joshua tree. One of the two wings contains public rooms and the other contains the bedroom, and these open up to the pool area and the hills. A curved fence and outdoor area facing the street represent the curved arms of the moth. The pool forms the tail.

Proposed design highlights of the house are:

  • The aerial view makes the moth inspiration obvious
  • Opening the house to the hills allows a stunning view when the sun goes down
  • The courtyard facing the street is allowed privacy through the use of a curved screening fence.
  • Round windows are a visual representation of the Yucca moth’s eggs