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Larkhill Project Notes

“West Covina has both a rich architectural history; and the distinction of being the fastest growing city in the United States between 1950-1960. Growing up in Whittier, I have very fond memories of visiting the Eastland Shopping Center with its Jetson-esque architecture mentally propelling me to an optimistic future of what could be.

In addition, West Covina is home to Neutra’s J.M. Robert’s house-Neutra being one of my major architectural influences.

The home at 2750 E. Larkhill is my architectural love letter to West Covina. The home freely draws on influences from the above-mentioned projects; and combines them in series of connected forms situated to take advantage the sites 270- degree views. In addition, the forms articulated frames interlock, by connecting the flanking second story frames to a first-floor frame. These frames are then connected by column and beam inspired great room, and bookended guest suite.

These both contrast the frames and connect them together to form the home’s composition. These frames also break up the two-story mass into distinct levels, give scale to the structure and give it a strong horizontal prescience-a direct reference to Neutra’s homes and the lots large pad. The resulting project is set back from the tops of the hillsides which makes it virtually disappear from the surrounding street view.

The proposed home thus anchors itself into the surrounding community through both precedent and form; and, hopefully, becoming a rich addition to the architectural history of West Covina.”

-Dean Larkin, AI