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Nydes Project Notes

An existing 3,800-square-foot residence was enlarged and a new guesthouse and pool were added to take advantage of the specular 270-degree view. The previous 1980s French-style remodel was removed to reveal the home’s mid- century roots, and the structure re-conceived to fit our client’s 21st-century lifestyle.

The expansion of the house, along with the soaring roof-line that seems to leap off the site, arose in direct response to the hilltop location and surrounding views of the Getty, the Pacific Ocean and Downtown Los Angeles. The pool was relocated from an existing courtyard to its current hillside location to highlight this dramatic setting. Windows and pocketing glass walls were used to connect the house more effectively to the new outside entertainment decks. Finally, to complete the triad, a guesthouse was sited to enjoy both the views and the pool.