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Dean Larkin Design Top Design Innovations at KBIS 2024

The Dean Larkin Design team recently visited the 2024 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show® (KBIS), which was held in Las Vegas. The KBIS event includes thousands of highly-qualified interior designers, kitchen and bath designers, dealers, architects, showrooms, custom builders and remodelers. KBIS is co-located with the NAHB International Builders Show (IBS), and together they make up Design & Construction Week® drawing over 100,000 design & construction professionals between the two events. Today we are discussing what we considered most intriguing or interesting design innovations at KBIS 2024.

Top 3 Design Innovations at KBIS 2024

Below are a few of my top picks from the design innovations at KBIS this year, and some thoughts on why they were so interesting or amazing.

Space Step by Blum

You may have noticed if you follow our Instagram (and if you don’t, you should! Here’s the link) that we have been posting some of the neat things we saw at KBIS. One of these in particular was a step made by Blum. The Space Step offers extra storage space as well as gives easier access to tall cabinets. For safety, the anti-slip system activates with a weight addition of only 18 pounds and securely locks the sturdy platform into position. And the step surface can support up to 330 pounds.

Instagram Fun

We posted about this step on Instagram and the clip just went crazy. In fact, to date our clip has received over 4 MILLION views! So many of you watched it and commented, and we appreciate the love! Some of the comments included

“Short people assemble!! “This needs to be in every home!“

“Or lower the cabinets.”

“You had me until storage. Plot twist. You slip, open the storage part, and fall in, and are found a month later with the baking pans.”

We found it interesting how some people loved or hated this design innovation at KBIS 2024. Whatever the comments, love or hate the product, we had a lot of fun with all of your comments. In fact, we may have a little surprise planned in relation to this fun Instagram interaction. Stay tuned!

Blum also showcased a line of hidden pantry doors. We thought it was cool to see how this feature is so popular now, though we have been using it for years. In fact, we utilized this concept in our Macapa project!

Blum Smart Step, closed to form a step, which is one of the Design Innovations at KBIS 2024- Dean Larkin Design
Blum Smart Step, open as a drawer for extra space, which is one of the Design Innovations at KBIS 2024- Dean Larkin Design

Murphy Door Hidden Pantry

Speaking of hidden things, we also really liked the hidden pantry by Murphy Door! Murphy Doors blend into rooms and you really can’t tell they are there. The doors come in a variety of designs and sizes. For example, they may look like a built in spice rack, mirror, or bookshelf. The doors don’t have handles or door knobs and they can be fitted with a door locking system.

Murphy Door hidden door while closed looks like a book cabinet- Design Innovations at KBIS 2024- Dean Larkin Design
Murphy Door hidden door while open - Design Innovations at KBIS 2024- Dean Larkin Design

Kast Concrete Basins

This product is one that will be launching in June, and it is just beautiful! Not for everyone, the sink has an $18,000 price tag, but it’s really something. All Kast products are made from traditional, aggregate-based concrete using limestone from local suppliers in Derbyshire alongside specially sourced sands and high-quality pigments. Kast offers a palette of 28 colors.

Kast concrete amalgamation sink -Design Innovations at KBIS 2024- Dean Larkin Design
Kast colorful orange concrete amalgamation sink -Design Innovations at KBIS 2024- Dean Larkin Design

Kast also has colorful sinks that are playful and just delightful with a lovely feel. I couldn’t get enough of the feel of the concrete sinks.

Kast says that the combination of aggregates naturally enhances the strength of the concrete and provides stability and durability. The texture creates a solid, tactile aesthetic.

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These are just a few of the design innovations at KBIS 2024 that we enjoyed. Hope you enjoyed this little peek into the design trends that may soon be design options for a new home or home remodel. Dean Larkin Design’s team will help you decide what features you need in the home of your dreams. Dean Larkin Design was established in Los Angeles in 1999 and this modern architecture firm maximizes the intrinsic potential of a location, including its available natural light sources. Dean Larkin is very familiar with both historical and contemporary design in the entire Los Angeles area, and the firm endeavors to achieve a complexity that is multi-layered with an effortless elegance. For a design that is modern and innovative, unlocks your location’s innate potential by making specific use of light, views and more, and uniquely designed for the way you live, contact Dean Larkin for a consultation.